Frequently Questions

  • Who We Are?

Ledmundo focus on creating the best lighting experience. Only high end LED and advanced optical design are adopted. Enjoy lighting with Ledmundo.

Ledmundo is also an Internet company. We serve partners and customers from over 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia via advanced IT technology.

  • What We Do?

Focus on high quality LED lighting with better lighting experience.

Focus on providing more value to our partners and customers.

  • Why Top Quality?

Ledmundo gets top international certifications, including
TUV GS, Dekra, TÜV Rheinland, BSCI, VDE, CE and RoHS in Europe
Energy Star, UL and FCC in North America

  • Why Better Price?

Outstanding R&D Capabilities
Advanced IT technology
So, we can always offer top quality products with better price.

  • Problem of WiFi connection (For Smart Light Bulbs)

1. Weak WiFi Signal . The device is too far away from the router, take it closer and retry.

2. Please check whether the device has exited pairing mode during pairing.

3. Please try to pair with another WiFi network. Note: This version devices can’t be connected to 5G WiFi, only 2.4G WiFi supported.

4. Please try to connect via mobile hotspot.

5. WiFi password may be incorrect when it is entered. Please delete the device and re-pair it.

6. Too many WiFi devices connected to the router or there is the limitation of the quantity. Please disconnect some WiFi devices and try again.

7. MAC address filtering is set.Please confirm if the WiFi device is in the filtered list. If it is in the filtered list, please remove it from the prohibited address list.

  • What’s Rapid Replacement?

If you discover any defections and notify Ledmundo, we will, at its discretion, send you a new one for free.

To validate your warranty, please make sure provide your Amazon order number and a brief explanation of your problems. Claims should be supported by reasonable evidences. Photos or short video of the problem will help us process your request faster.


1. We will not be responsible for the warranties of any items purchased outside of the platform of Amazon.

2. We won’t provide “Rapid Replacement ” service for any case that has already applied for full refund and replacement via Amazon.

  • How can I get contact with Ledmundo team?

We strive to make every customer the center of attention. If you have any inquiry or question about our products and services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to responding to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Customer Service Support Team:

  • Do the bulbs flicker when used with a triac dimmer commonly found in remote control fixtures or home automation systems?

If the lights flicker you may consider upgrading your dimmer switch. New dimmer switch has a customize button which sets the minimum power for the bulb to prevent flickering.

  • How Can You Use LED Lighting In Kitchens?

Designing a new kitchen can be an expensive and time-consuming job, and with so many things to think about and get right.
Lighting often gets forgotten about until nearing the end of the kitchen’s build, when it’s often harder to get exactly what you want and make the design work for you. We’re seeing more and more kitchen designs that are really having some fun with lighting. You can use the LEDMUNDO lighting bulbs.

Lighting options for you to consider for your own kitchen design project!

Glass Cabinets

Most people use glass cabinets to keep drinking glasses and wine glasses in, and while this is a great way of breaking up the cabinet fronts, it can also look a bit dull without the right lighting. Having the option to turn to light on inside your glass cabinet can add a real wow-factor to your kitchen, and is one of the easiest to add to your design.

Large Lamps

This can be a good way of adding subtle lighting effects to your kitchen, as well as adding a real feature to the room. Large industrial lampshades are very popular these days, but depending on the style of kitchen you have chosen, these may not work for you. There is plenty of other more modern, and classic, styles of the lamp that can really transform a space so it ’s well worth looking into. In particular, it’s worth considering this type of lighting if you’re having an island in your kitchen, adding lighting to this creates a real center and focal point in the room.

Spotlights & Recessed Lighting

Kitchens and spotlights belong together, especially when mixed with other forms and styles of lighting. They add a very minimal and modern edge to a kitchen’s design, whilst being able to blend in with pretty much every style of the kitchen on offer as they’re recessed. They provide a very good level of brightness; so can enhance even the darkest of kitchens.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Whether using strip lighting or small spotlights, we highly recommend considering LED lighting under your wall cabinets. It’s a great way of adding warmth and a real welcoming feel to your kitchen, as well as being very practical too as you want to ensure you’re getting enough light when you’re preparing food on work surfaces.

  • What is Flicker?

Flicker in LED lighting occurs as a result of modulating the current to electric light sources.

Many of our competitors’ LED products on the market today continue to introduce high flicker rates into indoor environments. Even though the human visual threshold is about 50Hz, if a light source is flickering faster than 50 times per second, this substropic flicker can still have a negative impact on health, wellness, and productivity.

In fact, flicker:

Can induce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy
Can contribute to headaches, eye strain, and fatigue
Is a visual trigger that studies show can account for 38% of reported migraines
Can negatively impact individuals with autism due to their visual hypersensitivity, with lighting triggers heightening symptoms
Can cause stroboscopic effect, which can pose hazards when using fast-moving machinery
Can render barcode scanners ineffective, as scanners won’t function under flickering lights, creating issues for retailers
That’s why LEDMUNDO LIGHTING has launched a marketing campaign that makes reducing flicker a top priority.

In order to make sure our LED products offer the most extensive health and wellness benefits over conventional lighting, we make sure to remove flicker in all of our products.

Because with flicker, what you can’t see CAN, in fact, hurt you.