• Q: Can I share with family and friends? 
  • A: Yes, You can share your bulbs with family and friends who will have access to control your bulbs and other Smart Life devices. From your main device list, choose the device that you want to share. press the profile button and tap on the ‘Share Device’ button. You will be able to give or revoke sharing permissions. The other users should already have downloaded the Smart Life App and registered a new account.
  • Q: Can I group multiple smart LED bulbs?
  • A:  Yes, you can group multiple smart LED bulbs of the same type, by room, location, or however else you want. The same devices can be in multiple groups. (For example, create a group for ‘Bedroom’ and another group for ‘Entire House’, and your Bedroom lights can be included in both groups). From your main device list, tap on one of the devices you want to group. Press the ‘pen’ button on the top right for advanced settings, and tap ‘Create Group’. You’ll then be able to choose which devices you’d like to group and will be able to rename them.
  • Q: The device suddenly drops offline and becomes
    unreachable, what should I do?
  • A:
  1. Refresh the Smart Life home page in case there is a network
  2. Check if the password of your 2.4G Wi-Fi is changed or router is down.
  3. Please set the lights to pairing mode by switching it on/off/on/off/on (1s interval) and then connect it again. Please contact our email customer service (cc@led-mundo.com) if the problem remains unresolved.
  • Q: What’s the wireless range?
  • A: The range of your home Wi-Fi is heavily dependent on your home router and the conditions of the room. Check with your router specifications for exact range data.
  • Q: If my Wi-Fi/internet goes down, will the smart device still work?
  • A: Smart Life products need to be connected to Wi-Fi to
    use them remotely.
  • Q: Cannot connect to the Smart Life App?
  • A:
  1. Check if you download the correct Smart Life App.
  2. Check if you choose a 2.4G band Wi-Fi and enter the right password.
  3. Please make sure the location access and Bluetooth access are enabled on your phone control center.
  4. Check phone settings if Smart Life has ‘nearby’ permission, this is usually for Android phones only.
  5. Check whether the light blinks rapidly during paring mode, if not please follow the reset instruction to initialize paring mode.
  6. Please make sure the smart device and phone are close during pairing and covered with a good Wi-Fi signal. Poor signal would result in ‘connection failed’.
  • Q: Bulbs flicker or flash with a dimmer switch?
  • A: Set wall dimmer to Max setting, bulbs will stop flickering.
  • Q: How to reset the device? 
  • A: Turn bulbs on-off-on-off-on to initialize pairing mode.
    You’ll see the bulb flashing quickly (2x per second), then try
    to add bulbs again.