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806lm LED Candelabra Bulbs Dimmable LED Light Bulb, 5.5W LED Globe Bulb, UL Listed, 4000K Natural Daylight White Chandelier LED Bulb E12 Base Decorative Candle Light Bulb, no Flickering, Pack of 5

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  • 1. Innovative Lighting Design: Super bright, 806 lumen, Instant on, high transmittance, led light bulb eliminates eyes from exhaustion caused by the traditional light bulbs, effectively protecting your family’s eyesight. LEDMUNDO 5.5-Watt light bulb is the best choice for 60 Watt-80 Watt incandescent.
  • 2. Fully Dimmable: No flickering, No noise. Control the brightness of your chandelier light bulbs with the ability to reduce from 100%-10% lighting output, compatible with most of modern LED dimmers. LEDMUNDO dimmable LED light bulbs mean you’ re able to create the perfect atmosphere in your room anytime.
  • 3. 806 Lumen & 4000K Natural White: These 5.5 watt LED light bulbs with E12 candelabra base have a natural color temperature of 4000K. Real 806 lumen bulbs give you a different lighting experience. LEDMUNDO’s LEDs CRI is all above 80 Ra. You see what they really are.
  • 4. High-quality & Safe Material: LEDMUNDO 5.5W E12 LED Candelabra light bulb is made of high-quality material. UL Listed LED bulbs. They are conducted by strict tests before leaving the manufacturing facility. The anti-electric shock and fire-resistance silicone glue make LEDMUNDO bulbs safer than other bulbs.
  • 5. Energy Saving & Long Lasting: Save over 90% on electricity bill of lighting. LEDMUNDO LED light bulbs can last up to more than 25,000 hours. All LEDMUNDO products have 3 YEARS warranty. When you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Notice: LEDMUNDO bulb is bright & fully dimmable LED bulb. Check out the lumen ( 806lm ) before purchase.
Luminous flux: 806lm
Incandescent lamp Equivalent: 60-80 watt
Base Type: E12
Color temperature: 4000K Natural White
Watts: 5.5W
Beam Angle: 360 degree
Input Voltage: 110-130V AC
Lifespan: 25,000 Hours

5 x LED E12 5.5W Dimmable Bulbs 4000K Natural White

1. Super bright, perfect replacement for 60W-80W LED light bulb incandescent.
2. Fully dimmable: From dark to the brightest. Give you a new dimming experience.
3. No flicker. No strobe. No noise. Safe and durable.
4. 5.5W LED light bulb, full brightness is 806 lumen, with less heat and clear glass cover.
5. The High Color Rendering Index ( CRI 80+) shows the true color of objects around you.
6. Nice LED lighting bulb. Vintage style lighting bulbs.
7. Super energy saving (Save 90%+). LEDMUNDO LED bulb average life is 25,000 hours, effectively reduces frequency of changing light bulbs.

Why Choose LEDMUNDO LED Light Bulbs?
LEDMUNDO always insist on innovative lighting design, our LED lighting bulb is really 806 lumen.
LEDMUNDO LED bulbs pass the strictest quality testing, we offer 3-year warranty.
LEDMUNDO serve the best LED lighting bulbs and service.
We choose the best quality chips, the clearest glass cover, the safest packaging, the strictest quality check.
Enjoy a bright world now. Don’t wait for your light bulbs to burn out before you try LEDMUNDO LED light bulb!

1 review for 806lm LED Candelabra Bulbs Dimmable LED Light Bulb, 5.5W LED Globe Bulb, UL Listed, 4000K Natural Daylight White Chandelier LED Bulb E12 Base Decorative Candle Light Bulb, no Flickering, Pack of 5

  1. Frankie and Chet

    Never again will I purchase those sub-par Feit Electric LED bulbs from Costco – I’m going with LEDMundo from now on! Some of the bulbs I had from Costco for my ceiling fans were from about 5 years ago – They were supposed to last like 20 years or whatever the packaging claimed but that was a bunch of crap. The little plastic torpedo tips over the LEDs would fall off and all but 3 went completely dim and would faintly flicker like they were haunted or something. In my search for new bulbs, I studied up on what hue (color temperature) I wanted and also new I needed brighter ones because at night, I had all kinds of dark corners where the Feit ones just wouldn’t reach.

    That’s when I found these little beauties during Prime Day – there was a coupon that took a wopping 85 cents off 2 boxes, but the price for a pack of 5 was good regardless of this “amazing” sale. Looking at other lights in the price range (and even those more expensive) the amount of light these thing put out is fantastic and the color is just as described. Other bulbs claim the same “60 watt equivalent but only claim to put out 550 to 650 lumens. These are 800! And yes, you can tell they’re brighter than the 600s. I’ve got a few “60 watt” ones from Home Depot in some other light fixtures and these are definitely brighter. No more dark corners and, thanks to the 4000K color temp. (natural white), my white paint actually looks white again instead of nasty yellow/orange.

    And just a personal suggestion, if you want a non-yellow bulb, go with something 4000K, not 5000 to 6500. Those put out a lot more blue light which can cause eye strain and also throw off your internal clock if you’re using them at night. Something in the 6500k range is also going to look like those “cool white” Christmas lights. It’s a big help to just jump on google and look up “LED kelvin temperature scale” – it’ll give examples to give you an idea of what hue you want to go with.

    Anyway – I love these bulbs – as much as a person can love a light bulb, anyway. The exterior is glass and they’re thicker than your standard old-school tungsten bulb. These things are built well and, as other reviewers have noted, they’re packed very well so they shouldn’t break. Just be careful when you pull them out of the foam – I pushed it from the screw-end to birth them out of their little foam wombs instead of trying to rip them out feet first like a little breach-baby.

    If I have any problems with these, I’ll update my review to note the longevity (or lack thereof, I should say) – If you don’t see an update, just know I’m happily enjoying my well lit home that’s not tinted all nasty 70’s yellow anymore. Good work, LEDMundo! Keep making more varieties and keep the quality high with the price decent and you’ll have a lot of happy customers.

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